I bet he thought he was gonna change the world.


We dug for gold and struck oil
and sold it for all it was worth.

We’re rich now, and we’ve
got a lot of big plans for this
piece of
shit of a

We’ll be burning the schools
and setting our sons to graze
the greener pastures.
Our daughters, to trot
on beaches ever distant.

Our dogs will all be beaten
and our grandparents held
face down, underwater,
and the strong will survive
and build me my monuments.
They will build me
my hallowed halls.

And should a man or woman cross us,
It’ll be the whips for them.
And if they cross us twice,
the chains, and then the cleavers,
for we will have our order,
and have our orders carried out.

Not a soul will stand against
while their carts move so easy
and their drink containers
break so much less. Nor do
they rust.

but years from now
when all our oil
has been burned away,
I hate to think
what happens to
the pair of us
when all our loyal followers
burn Kerosine instead.

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