and if the rest of our lives


should entirely consist
of bad ring tones
repeated endlessly,
ad infinitum,
at least we had the here,
at least we had the now,
to build upon in memory,
and turn into something grand.

4 thoughts on “and if the rest of our lives

  1. I feel like these lines are some extremely chic, but awesomely blunt wedding vows. Although, I’m writing mine so I’m probably in that state of mind, but still. I appreciate this because now I’m feeling slightly more inspired. If cliche could take a seat for this poem, then I can only aspire to give it a pink slip and file for a restraining order within 500 feet of mine.

  2. Glad I could help. In reality, the story of this poem consists of me sitting in my cubicle whilst listening to one of my office mate’s cell phones ring with one of the oldest of old school ring tones at 10 second intervals for about 30 minutes (probably 15 at the most, but it felt like more, perhaps like the rest of my life).

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