Clarification of Terms


Yes, the wolf,
he bites and does his damages
to prey and plaything,
choking out the beauty
so noble-ly, and until
they die, only to rend
the flesh from bones.

But he, he is a fisherman,
and a catch-and-release man, too.
He deals only so much damage
and just long enough
to claim to have held,
before casting catch away.

At least the wolf,
gory and red though
his work may be,
has the dignity
to mean it.

9 thoughts on “Clarification of Terms

  1. Only the inspiration is at your expense. Months ago you brought up a truth: the term ‘wolf’ is an improper allegory.


  2. The feline war has raged for years, so i assumed it’d be too hard for me to drive my foot between them, I’d never risk the scratch, just to prove to one or both of them a cat is just a cat.

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