Conceited men


Imagine a little switch that
you could just flick
just like that

and whoever you’re talking
to goes silent
Like a big fat blimp far
far away

but so silent

As silent as the

As silent as grandma’s
Sunday afternoon,
on a quiet week

If I could get that switch
(giving the handyman a
cold,  beer once
he’s done)

I’d use it on you


when you refuse to
shut the hell

One thought on “Conceited men

  1. or, as Blink182 once said,

    ‘shut the fuck up’ she said
    I’m going fucking deaf
    you’re always too loud
    everything’s too loud

    I like this a lot. Probably mostly because I feel like if you’d put me in a vacuum with nothing but the Sieve to write on and a million years to do it, I might have written something a lot like it.

    Maybe that’s a compliment.

    Maybe it’s an absolute insult.

    Either way, thanks for letting us read it.

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