Conceited men

July 27, 2010

Imagine a little switch that
you could just flick
just like that

and whoever you’re talking
to goes silent
Like a big fat blimp far
far away

but so silent

As silent as the

As silent as grandma’s
Sunday afternoon,
on a quiet week

If I could get that switch
(giving the handyman a
cold,  beer once
he’s done)

I’d use it on you


when you refuse to
shut the hell

One Response to “Conceited men”

  1. saxsquatch Says:

    or, as Blink182 once said,

    ‘shut the fuck up’ she said
    I’m going fucking deaf
    you’re always too loud
    everything’s too loud

    I like this a lot. Probably mostly because I feel like if you’d put me in a vacuum with nothing but the Sieve to write on and a million years to do it, I might have written something a lot like it.

    Maybe that’s a compliment.

    Maybe it’s an absolute insult.

    Either way, thanks for letting us read it.

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