Weekend orbit


You spend the first
twenty minutes of
the party sipping a
warm beer
and reading comics
in the kitchen

In the Solar System
the Sun and celestial
objects are bound to
one another by

You finally detach yourself
and roam through
the living room,
squinting just a little
bit through the

In the Solar System
small bodies such as
comets, dust and
centaurs travel
freely between

You stroll around the
backyard for a while,
kicking abandoned bottles
and exploring the
sad looking vegetable

The area beyond Neptune
is still largely unexplored
It appears to consist of
small planets composed
of rock and ice.

You return to the living
room and walk directly over
to where I’m standing
We nod for a bit to some
alt-rock track I don’t know the
name of then
leave together

The Sun is the
Solar System’s star
and produces temperatures
great enough to
sustain nuclear

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