June 16, 2010

i have a cat and home and
she tickles my heart

(i don’t have a whining
air conditioner in my head)

i just got my rations and
i can smile through the
smog and my family
keeps me grounded
as they will last forever.
my dad teaches me how
hunt the hunt in any
and he guts it all for me
and he does all the
and one day i’ll get
married, as a good
man is hard to find;
one to bring into your
family, as they will
last forever.

my name’s emerald,
and my smile out-shines
this taco bell™.

One Response to “emerald”

  1. freakynewchild Says:

    Nice, what a good girl this Emerald is, she is probably from lalala land… seriously as weird as it may sound I envy her, my family needn’t last forever but I wish they’d gut things for me… like great expectations, small talk, shallow creeps/foes/bigots. Ahhh I have made yet another strange comment…

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