Stay Dry


I saw three men standing
in the shadows by a swimming pool
in rags and coats from the
previous season, breathing
heavy fingers fighting open
pop-top beer cans whiskers
shaking under the wind’s slight
duress and I stopped.

there they stood by the pool
forlorn considerations of
jumping right in, cans and coats
be damned. Of course they
chose to stand and eye instead.
Only a fool leaps and leaves it
all behind, they said. Yet there they
were, with nothing but coats and
cans and rags and whiskers and
the opulent gall to say anything.

They did not jump. They only drank
and stood and eyed and sighed.

But I will enjoy this swimming pool,
for I left my coats and rags
in someone else’s town

3 thoughts on “Stay Dry

  1. holy crap dude…
    this is brilliant…
    the lyrics are more suited to emo or punk or something than jazz… but love it.

    bro… do ya’ll post your music online somewhere? jazz is my favorite thing ever so i’m interested in ya’lls stuff.

  2. RC, ‘daw.

    Roger: – all me – drums, sax, some guitars

    the Saxsquatch album should be out in August

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