We floated in
Warm muddy water
Calm and lapping on the
Gummy sandbars

Woke earlier in the night for
Reasons that I don’t know or
Reasons I forgot

Dark night scatter-lit
From above and we marched out
To catch the receding tide
Heels sucking in Mexican clay

I’m pretty sure
Cortez was an asshole
But I didn’t know the guy

His sea, though, is just
The kind of adventure that pulls
Some kids from far away

We floated in
black and starlight
and I can’t remember what
we talked about or
if we talked at all

but that night I was sure that
mystery was real and that
life was a stunning gift

it rolled over me in
tides of curling diamonds –
phosphorescence that
I hope Cortez saw too


2 thoughts on “BAJA

    people still dont believe me when i tell them we lived a week on a beach… and driving across those mountains… dang… life was freaking sweet.

  2. A friend of mine often covers Cortez the Killer by Niel Young in his/our life shows. My favorite thing about it, is he always precedes it with the introduction, ‘This song is a protest song by Neil Yong, the only man that can get away with writing protest songs about things that happened hundreds of years ago’.

    Good piece.

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