An (In)Convenient Truth


Record breaking
Back breaking
Shoveling driveways
No way can there be this much.
Seventy-plus inches of snow,
More on the way,
And spinal surgery by age thirty.
Global warming, my foot!
Here’s an inconvenient,
Or maybe convenient truth
Depending on how you look at it:
Al Gore is a liar.

8 thoughts on “An (In)Convenient Truth

  1. I liked your post. Unfortunately, there is more snow because the ocean’s are warmer, more melted ice means more water vapor and hence more f*^%&n snow! Yeow!!

  2. Yeah, artiste7 is correct.

    Heat + Snow caps = More water. More water = cooler ocean air. Cooler ocean air = cold air currents = more snow.

  3. Scientists are all conflicted over the direction global climate change is going to take. Some think the world will completely freeze over again, and others think it will heat up again.

  4. I’m with Al on this one too, as I told my dad the other day, probably causing me to get mentally disowned yet again.

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