at last winter’s passed, the sleepers awake
at last squirrels, birds, green emerge
blossoms on branches, rivers run fast and high
movement in the bones, music in the eyes

at last there is skin, bare arms bare legs bare feet
at last black blonde brown hair falls free, words spit quick unseen
people step off the sidewalk, swim in the warm grass
the city has emptied, its concrete gravity gone

I smell life, how I long to live
I smell sky, it screams of coasts
I smell sun, we fill our lungs with light
ready to exhale and create new continents

darkness lost as last year’s dream
all is open, outstretched and inviting
like a frisbee, carried by a strong breeze,
we disappear over the horizon.

5 thoughts on “AT LAST WINTER’S PASSED

  1. Suddenly I feel like winter has really passed even though there is a bit snow falling outside… And I have yet to see a bare arm ): but while reading this I can see the bare leg through my minds’ eyes. Winter has really passed, hurray!

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