cliche thoughts

January 31, 2010

two days ago,
at just this time,
you weren’t.

and then you were,
with screams,
with kicks,
with little, furious fists
mad at the world,
making sure that you were heard.

and now you’ve somewhat mellowed,
allowing me to think:
about who you are;
and who you were;
and who you yet will be;
about what you will do to me.

8 Responses to “cliche thoughts”

  1. jingle Says:

    life is just so precious,
    I love this poem along with this photo,

    beautiful blog.

  2. beighartman Says:

    I swear, there’s just some celestially ethereal ability to write incredible poetry as the result of becoming a father.

  3. larsalexander Says:

    congratulations, julio. and what a beautiful way to be welcomed into the world.

  4. Roger Mugs Says:

    beer… lots and lots of beer will celebrate this the the first chance i have to buy some in your hemisphere.

    • Julio Chapluzki Says:

      I’ve been wishing that I had a good stock of beer on hand lately. I’ll look forward to when you’re in my hemisphere!

  5. Julio Chapluzki Says:

    Thanks everyone!

  6. David X. Hugo Says:


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