Bitter Recollections


A Mystery! A Mystery!
How many morns of merriment
may end in such sad sweet songs
of pleasing past pictures gone into putridity
of little lying lives – lifelessness
change consuming the creativity of childhood,
Until only an old oppressed imagination
exists to be blown below a bed
and adulthood advancing against all
the youthful yearning, and devastating
dreams of doing deeds destined to remain
restlessly for reasons reproduced generation
to generation, grandfather to grandchild, gaining
great gravity as a familiar family fortitude, flourishing
til the ghastly grave greets us.

7 thoughts on “Bitter Recollections

  1. thank you friends if those are indeed compliments.
    i have lacked any compelling inspiration for a while, and then i had something.

  2. as one who goes through extremely long periods of un=inspiration, I find that the more I write uninspired, the more inspired I start feeling; doesn’t always produce better poems, but at least they come out easier.

  3. agree with both of the above…..just DO IT Tucker……even nonsense beautifully and brilliantly presented leads to something, somewhere, somehow…….most normal people do not like to exercise (ahem) but we know it produces results….you just gotta do it.

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