Akin to an Ant


At the thought of a day without Sieve
I found myself at a loss
As a “terms of service violation” page
Blocked my path
In the same way a solitary leaf
Would derail the ever persistent trek
Of a diligently harvesting ant
I too, could not bring myself to grasps
With such a dreadful concept.

4 thoughts on “Akin to an Ant

  1. I think that it was caused by me. I ran a blog once that had some illegal content (aka: copyrighted music), but I had taken it down a very long time ago.

    WordPress deleted all of my blogs. It’s possible that they deleted this one for a moment before realizing that it wasn’t MY blog.

    I did have them restore all of my other one’s, except the one in question, which had ALREADY been deleted.

    Tsk tsk tsk.

    But, we’re still in business.

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