Livliehoods, and things complimentary


It’s a rough life out there,
listening to alt-rock records from
the nineties and wishing things
could be they way they used-ta-been,
before you needed rent money every month.

And the coffee you drink doesn’t
percolate, it’s far too fancy for
such Americana to allow. And while
there’s nothing high and mighty about
foreign cars, there’s certainly something
cocky about some of them.

Look, I’m not saying you should
break the law, I’m just saying that
not all dumpsters have locks on them,
and not all the unlocked ones say
“Do Not Occupy.”

Find yourself a new place to stay
if things are so damn difficult.

2 thoughts on “Livliehoods, and things complimentary

  1. If I dig your poems too often I might be in a hole. I try not to but I do feel a little below-sea-level if you understand the meaning in which I am using the English language to portray.

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