nights like these used to be so romantic
there was always something better
that could be
the food was terrible and the weather
just right
our hope for what was to come
probably in a chair nearby
and we hoped and dreamed
that this was misery we were experiencing

somehow making each moment more
telling ourselves this was suffering
and perhaps it was compared to the ecstasy
that was to follow

i cant help but wonder
whats it called when everyday is
exactly as wonderful as it should be?

when my job is to think about
furthering your kingdom
and here from another part of the world
living in another part of the world
doing another altogether similar thing
one more rejoicing over similar confusion
at just how lucky we are

will it end?

5 thoughts on “if i knew life would have turned out this good i think i would have approached my younger years and days with a little more gloom. seems i was too happy then too. holy crap when will this blessing end?

  1. Lucky you. Reading this I kind of resent you, you know just a bit. So then I tried reading your stuff starting from the end to the beginning (probably looking for hidden gloom), it was interesting like the reminiscence of a pilgrim.

  2. resentment welcome.
    i’m seriously constantly befuddled by how awesome my life is. i blame God for it. but knowing that he also has the ability to take it away is at once terrifying and re-assuring.

    if reminiscence of a pilgrim isn’t a poem title on here it should be. i give you 9 hours before i steal it.

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