The best way
to prepare for
a busy day
(or so I’ve found)
is staying up far,
far too late
and reading up
on History
(and on guitars
while two loads
of laundry
bang around
with washer and dryer
doing all the work of
two good housewives of
in half the time,
I might add (though
one would think it goes
without saying, but
then, not a lot of
people take the time
to realize that something
as mundane as an
electric washer
would get you either
burned at the stake
or drowned at the river
only a few hundred
years ago),
But I digress:
the buzzer buzzed:
I think I can finally sleep.

3 thoughts on “This one is a poem I wrote late at night about writing poems late at night (or it could be if you either squint really hard or scroll back a few pages)

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