Thoughts and Farewells

August 25, 2009

It’s life that’s bleeding,
bleeding from our being
while we spend 4 hours
together, wasting time. But we’re
together, wasting time.

There wasn’t any money made
but money spent regardless.
Though we’re trying not to spend,
so much,
we’ll spend it anyway because,
God Damn it,
It’s a special occasion.

And she always said “I’ll See you”,
and I always said “You Won’t”.
But I might not just be
fucking around this time.

But all, in all, absolutes
are rarely a reality.
Keeping that in mind,
I can ask one,

Am I just faking music?
or am I playing Air Guitar?

2 Responses to “Thoughts and Farewells”

  1. David X. Hugo Says:

    This is the best site in the world.

  2. saxsquatch Says:


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