old songs and old friends


sitting for hours
on hard chipotle benches,
barely noticed in the reminiscence
of times past,
of times to come,
of everything in between,
enjoying the moment
although we all know
that it won’t last,
that it will fade away
like a song from the past
that slowly disappears
and then one day is found
on a shuffled ipod
and immediately suspends time
for four minutes or so,
taking everything back
to the idealized past,
in which everything we shared
is remembered fondly,
improving on the reality,
which was good already.

9 thoughts on “old songs and old friends

  1. i’m always more depressed by hearing old songs than anything… my life just keeps getting better so even reminiscing feels awkward

    but well captured picture eh

  2. oh… p.s. since i’m in the country you bloody better come down and hang out… although I heard you might be coming 4th of july weekend when I’ll still be out of hte state…

    i promise free beer and lots of it if you come when i’m there.

  3. i bloody well do want to come down and see you and not only for the free beer. the problem is that the following weekend we’ve got to go to my ancestral home for a fishing trip. When will you be here in the state until? It’s times like this that make me hate jobs and their insistence that you be there every day.

  4. we were talking yesterday about calling in sick on the 6th, so perhaps… we’ll have to see.

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