spring heat burning


it is spring and i want so many things
things that are gothic at the store
or your asian friend
things i must say in code,
things i must talk around,
things touring italy and france
the ones who wear the tank tops
and the short shorts
the things who wear the horizontal
stripes and the thick rimmed
glasses or the ones who play
or speak czech or russian
or german or…french
i want to take them and inject
them into my veins,
i want them to reciprocate
in the backseat of a honda
oh! i want so many things
for it is spring;
my life is rejuvinating and i need
all of these things to fill
the increasing void in the
pit of my stomach,
while the thought
of what my life would be is
eating away at it.

3 thoughts on “spring heat burning

  1. These things drive me crazy. I want to explode, and I wish they’d understand that I’d like to take everything and give everything back. Mostly, they would like me to sit around and let things stale while I sip tea at their parents’ open house, but 2 seconds can be more valuable than 2 years if you do it right. We are poets, and we always do it right, don’t we fellas?

    I’m glad you feel as I feel by the words I chose.

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