dont act like you didn’t name yours

May 28, 2009

night ache from an unknown source
caused luigi more pain than he’s seen
since jr. high wrestling when a dinkus
named bob kneed him

morning came with neck pain to boot
thinking i’m too young for this i mounted
my bike and rode till everything went a
blissful noticeable numb

home and showering as luigi reminds
me he still hurts

5 Responses to “dont act like you didn’t name yours”

  1. David X. Hugo Says:

    Luigi is a great name.

  2. Roger Mugs Says:

    luigi and ramone …. the first letters help me keep them straight for left and right…
    i’d say it wasn’t brilliant but that would be false humility

  3. beighartman Says:

    Juan and Muhammad.

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