days when nobody posts

May 27, 2009

bring relief and reminders
that life isn’t only about trying
to find words to describe our daily
travel through death defying
skull and cross-bone warning
creaky, dusty, burned out, deserted
hallways and rooms of old

its also about friends and family
and life outside outside our own

but then the publishers write
and i get confused again

(today i got an email from lulu
saying they wanted to put our book
for sale up at amazon – weird)

3 Responses to “days when nobody posts”

  1. saxsquatch Says:

    I dig.

  2. David X. Hugo Says:

    Did you really? I say yes, if it sells. We are pretty weird.

  3. Roger Mugs Says:

    it is pretty funny… yes they really did send me that… this was our book 1 which sold like 5 copies (i think several of our mom’s wanted copies).
    but hey… i’ll let you know if we sell any… dont keep your hopes up tho

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