Messed That Up.

April 20, 2009

at times I find
that I must bring
myself to stand
before you


my head held high
and just enough
a grin that it
unsettles you


Hope that we have
come to terms with
all the points we’ve
blundered past


recent light has
shown a sight of


If we choose to
rectify these
failures that we
we ought to
learn to pass us by
and get out before
it’s too late.

5 Responses to “Messed That Up.”

  1. David X. Hugo Says:


  2. Julio Chapluzki Says:

    I agree with David. What is it about getting out before it’s too late that drips pathos?

  3. saxsquatch Says:

    It’s a situation everybody faces at one point, one way or another, I’d imagine.

  4. Roger Mugs Says:

    not me.
    i’m invincible.

  5. saxsquatch Says:

    Except Roger.

    He’s invincible.

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