keeping you healthy since 1980


old wives tales
heading advice we know is garbage
and choosing to wear sweaters
just because our mothers are cold
eating apples obsessively
because of embarrassing rhymes
unworthy of even the worst poetry
and brushing our teeth for three
whole minutes for reasons we remember not
but surely have something to do
with some sort of film of black and white
narrated by our grandfathers
but forgetting all along
our bodies (be they ours or someone else’s)
still end up in dust
and mold eaten by that which even
we would not dare to eat
whether you help us out or not
we’re only postponing our inevitable
trips to that eternal golf course above

2 thoughts on “keeping you healthy since 1980

  1. I hope that I don’t end up at an eternal golf course in the sky. That would be the worst heaven ever! I mean, if I want to feel bad about myself for all of eternity, couldn’t I just go to pie heaven; at least then I could enjoy what I was doing while I got fat.

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