why i get paid less than you to live a much better life


in the loft i sit a-strumming my piano
looking down on you as you eat your
business lunch and i sing my soprano
the mic sits a bit low and you’ll find
it destracting but worry not lunch will
be over soon then its back to the grind
where i’d be obnoxious and remind
you i fit in not one bit, but am happier
here doing this skit of a song while
i sing and i play and my piano i drum
the sky is still blue today out where
you have no air conditioning or meeting
rooms and today i’ll sit and i’ll hum
because thats what i’m paid to do while
your tie is too tight and your life just aint right
and you know all the things you’re missing
out on.

so from this loft i sit and a-strum
my piano and look dumb, like you cant hear
the songs i’m singing from my too high
soprano. but worry not lunch is done
and my set is complete, my day’s work has
finished but worry not you’ve still hours
to perfect your typing skills and look
better in bluetooth for ms. sours

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