Hurtling along these highway streets,
traveling through the night
as the music pounds its way
into my head, heart, soul
into the night,
into the darkness,
into the music,
wherever it may lead


8 thoughts on “orgasmic states

  1. Thanks Tucker. I also can’t always believe the things that I am willing to share with the world. Makes me grateful for the anonymity of the internet.

  2. I thought that about the title also; at first I had a different title, but I changed it to give it the strange sexual twist, which seemed to be present before but not obviously. I haven’t read any Koontz books. Why do you ask?

  3. because I’m reading one and it seems like something the antagonist might think, considering that he’s a rapist and has a lot of one night stands.

  4. That’s me, an antagonistic, one night standing, rapist. Maybe only actually the antagonistic part and not even really that, except for in my residual self image of myself.

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