What is true


raw power of lust
crushes your delicate dreams
a shadow of need to flood
into death’s arms is not void
for you are a hindrance
the bare breast of the ill goddess
aches when sweet cyanide milk is produced
truly smooth as love, a lie
for love is a waxing moon
essential to cool your water
beneath my storm of quenching fire
but life is with ups and downs
every season has its tide
our blazing sun soars above the sloth sky
as a rose dies wishing for life after the painful summer
knife bitter urges by pounds of boiling blood
blood sprayed from a man, woman, boy, girl

6 thoughts on “What is true

  1. I like this,especially the part about soaring suns, and the dying rose. I’m digressing,but I always found flowers to be of a tragic beauty. What’s the point of that much beauty?

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