With Corruption There is No Tower


When Building the Tower
That measures your Greatness
Buy the impact you have on others
Foundation is first
Before you apply the mortar
To set each stone in place
Each stone is an accomplishment
Each stone is a breakthrough
Each stone is a fulfilled responsibility
Each dollop is the path you took, a choice you made
Each dollop is the crossroad that ultimately led to the outcome
Each dollop is the way you’re judged
The Strife that tests your love and faith
Betrayal that makes you writhe in pain
But shows you’re like Job, one and the same

8 thoughts on “With Corruption There is No Tower

  1. I purposefully used the word “buy” with a line through it instead of “by” to symbolize that you can’t buy greatness, that it must be earned. I know that “by” is the correct form of the word in this case.

  2. you could also substitute poo, or perhaps dinkus… i think the transitory form of either would work fine in this situation… but hey… i’m no english major… (alas… tisk tisk)

  3. BUY or BY that is (not) the question. The answer is in the WORDS …….glad to see you are back to writing Tucker……….keep those thoughts flowing; they are cohesive, informative, rational and all telling.

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