12 Jul 08


was it the night
we sat on steps avoiding
others so we could speak secrets and dreams until 4am?

or was it the time
we walked in the park in
autumn sat on a bench beneath
the night acutely aware of our hands and the distance between them?

or was it that Thursday
the first time my lips fell into yours
in the background the treading percussion of Explosions in the Sky?

or was it that Sunday
at circle of hope when I calculated the exact pressure
of your hand on mine to equal the love of God and kept it to myself?

was it in old city
beneath the din of eighties hip hop
when I told my friends I would marry you someday?

was it in spanish
stumbling mispronunciations and incorrect accents
in an attempt better know those who mean the world to you?

was it in harvard yard
dressed as wizards wandering and wondering
where we could find the best butter beer in cambridge?

or was it the summer
we spent unemployed reading and mastering
the NY times crossword puzzle then emerged, merged adjusting our eyes to autumn?

or was it that night
in central PA when you showed me how
to cup both hands to carefully catch these drifting constellations?

I cannot say exactly
between my hands and yours
between sunset and sunrise
between the top and bottom step
between the mountains and the atlantic
between jersey and philly
between te amo and mahal kita
between the upbeat and downbeat
between the first and last page of this notebook
between one thousand and one days ago and today

I fell in love with you.

and even to partially properly articulate this
it will take my entire life
an infinite number of pages
and perfectly placed kisses
(which is part of my plan)

but something tells me
nothing will match
the simple eloquence
of your hand
in mine
some evening
fifty summers from tonight.

23 thoughts on “12 Jul 08

  1. Beautiful RC. that’s all I can say. That and that I sympathize with your desire for good butter beer.

  2. thanks, all! i’d like to take this opportunity to apologize for my forthcoming absence from the sieve as i’ll be honeymooning for the next month. thus, i’ll have very limited access to the internet.

  3. seriously a whole month?
    way to go dude…
    have very best trip…

    my wife read this and was thinking half way through “I hope my husband wrote this” but then the tagalig (sp???) gave it away…
    then the rest of the poem etc…

    well written tho… happiness… congrats

  4. julio… i’ll give you a clue… but as a married man i’d expect you to be able to use your imagination…
    but lets just say… it includes a soccer ball…

  5. because soccer makes the world go round, of course, just like love (sex). You might think that the earth goes round because of gravity or some other physical force, but really it is just because of soccer and love (sex).

  6. Looking at her page was actually pretty hilarious. That’s ridiculous and a little infuriating, and it’s not even my poem. Did you see this rc?

  7. of all of the poems for someone to plagiarize, they chose the one that means more to me than any other poem. not even a little amused. just really angry.

  8. She’s taken 13 of mine!!!! You can email the site host with the following letter (link at the end of this comment and use the host version) and include the link to your site and where the poem is posted on her site.

    I found site host’s policy on copyright infringement:

    “You agree not to assert any claim, whether based on tort, contract, or other legal theory, against SparkPeople or its sublicensees relating to SparkPeople’s or its sublicensees’ use of the User Generated Content that is in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, and you hereby release SparkPeople and its sublicensees from any such claims. You represent that your User Generated Content: (1) will not infringe any third party’s copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary rights; ”

    Here is the letter template you could use as I mentioned above:

    She’s got pages of nothing but good poetry, and I doubt a single one is hers. She changes titles as if they were her own, when she could simply provide a link and give credit if she appreciates it so much. She just needs to be taught a lesson about respecting others’ hard work. She must lack self-confidence if she feels she must portray herself as something she’s not just to gain a few measly positive comments from people online.

  9. On her home page, there is even a comment on the bottom calling her a plagiarist fraud. I thought that was really amusing that more than just us are catching on.

  10. i reported her, and i think others did as well. so it seems her site has been shut down.

    and nora, thirteen? dag, she may as well steal your identity!

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