thoughts and fears on the cusp of digestive breakdown

June 30, 2008

AKA: on my upcoming 3 day absence from the sieve

tight in my tummy
tight in my thoughts
i prepare myself for travel
with stomach knots

flying makes me grumpy
but new places i enjoy
thought control i’ll attempt
thanksgiving i’ll employ

i wish i could drink whiskey
without the stomach rot
i know it’d help me relax
and help me forget thought

thirty six hours is too long to travel
no matter where you go
but thankfully it wont take three months
like by an old boat – slow

i’ll put my head down and get there
no matter what i do
arrive there eventually

2 Responses to “thoughts and fears on the cusp of digestive breakdown”

  1. rcribay Says:

    godspeed, my friend. i’ll hold it down for you here at the sieve.

  2. Tucker Collins Says:

    I bade you good fortune on your trip, and ask that you enjoy yourself and bring back good stories for us.

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