i find enjoyment in

April 25, 2008

small things, strange things,
things in which
my wife is always amazed.

like taping stargate
and watching it all day;
or the thought of sci-fi friday
not being too far away.

like new video games
to play on my wii;
and summer vacation
giving me leisure just to be.

like burt’s bees wax
and its surprising tingle;
or the Christmas season
and the coming of kris kringle.

like listening to indie music
and finding new bands;
or watching strange movies
that take place in distant lands.

like sitting at home
alone with my wife,
focusing only on the present
and not the rest of life.

4 Responses to “i find enjoyment in”

  1. Roger Mugs Says:

    good rhyme and nice kick at the end

  2. Roger Mugs Says:

    i say good because normally i hate rhyme. but this i dont hate

  3. Julio Chapluzki Says:

    I don’t like rhyme much either, but I think I don’t like it because it is hard to make sound good. Normally I think rhyme sounds kind of preschool and artificial, kind of like tingle and kringle, but what else rhymes besides shingle or fingle (I know fingle’s not a real word, but that’s my point)?

  4. Roger Mugs Says:

    I just dont like when rhyme decides the words rather than the right word deciding.

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