To the girl with the raspy voice sometimes and the self-control problem most times and the bite-off-more-than-she-can-chew-but-roll-with-it-until-it-gets-too-bad-to-handle-and-she-has-to-run-out-on-everything thing that she does every-so-often and of course the big smile and the good heart and how could I forget that laugh


Like the clouds parting in the west
and showing off a cluster of rather
dull stars underlined by a jet-stream
washed out by the moonlight so your soul
is hidden behind a bad attitude and a
torn pair of blue-jeans that cover
things up surprisingly well given the
level of wear both pre- and post-
purchase but every so often you step
just right and everything shows crystal
-clear but one has to wonder whether
it’s worth looking at for long anyway

Consensus says it’s not, and perhaps
you should get your shit together,

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