Shower, Life and Neighbors


[There are all sorts of years in one’s life filled with pivotal moments of despair,
claritity, new found joy, doubts and surrender,

if not for the upstairs neighbor’s cries of orgasms, stopping me to a dead halt, I…
if not for the valentine’s rose red, the blood red red, the red riding hood red, I…
no matter… the lady moaned in an appartment where an another lady used to scream
from her husband’s beating, where a little girl’s eyes spoke of sadness and resignation
where drunk college girls roared till dawn throwing beer bottles on my patio, and
where an immigrant lady laundered and dried clothes on a balcony,
no matter… we’re from the same source but of different glue

[you can trust the ladder, but don’t kid yourself the altitude will sicken your heart]

Adorning air of martyrs to dress up all the empty afternoons
with all the Sunday mass minded folks creeping me out
with their cryptic smiles, false nearness
bombarding me with grievous questions and realizations
how long the future, how much the mileage
with all the ex-lovers lining up in a queue

[Foolin’ myself, I stay away]

you went out from the front door
while i rushed out through the back door
you’re good looking, but
without Jesus in your mind
you’re bubbles of light floating
shrinking bursting up in the air
but one of these days, you’re will take up God
you will call me up to your waterfront to
revise me, pull me up, build me back
the pain you sewed in my heart will dissolve
so don’t you throw away your heaven’s pennies

[things are better when you’re gone,
most of the time…]

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