I’m waiting for you to lie that I did good today
that I’ve lived just the right way
that you understand all my detours
papa, look at the sad urgency in my eyes
I do not wish to be a pitiful child anymore
so come out, come out
break away from your cold indifference
i’m almost out of the maze
but i’m waiting
for the warmth that I never got from you
I’m not sure when i started waiting for you
but come out
tell me those words of affection
so that I may move on
I do not wish to seek others to fill your absence anymore
papa, do you even remember me
or did you simply fast-forward your life and past me ?
I have things on my mind, you see… lofty things
but papa did you know…dreams when they’re stronger than you,
they destroy you, they lash out,
and burn you out when you try to let them go
it’s not enough to have an ambition
sometimes you need a vision to carry it through
but I have no guts to pull it through
my confidence I stared at it go in the distance to where you’re
papa, in the morning light I die
on the street, on my way to make a livin
I die, in the evening
in his arms I die
so come out, come out
I do not wish to blame you for the way I’m anymore
I’m ready to say goodbye
just show your face to me one last time
so i may no longer scan through crowds looking for you
and wonder in agony whether I can even recognize you
papa we cannot go back
but the child you left is still waiting on that sandy beach
where you promised to build sandcastles with her
I wish i could get rid of her cries that nothing console
she is stuck, and I’m stuck with her
so papa, please come out, come out
let me be the one who abandons

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