Sharing Apples

May 15, 2012

Your bite, he said
pinching the cortland
between his thumb and pointer finger
he rotated to fresh spot

I bit, my top teeth sticking
into the apple’s density
pulled away, taking a chunk with me
and smiled through a slurp

He lifted the apple to his mouth
crunching over the teeth-pocked bite
my mouth had left
erasing my mark in a giant’s footprint

I listened the sound apples made
when he ate them,
cracking apart like glacier ice
with each of his crater-sized bites

How many apples do you think are in the world?
he chewed thoughtfully, invited another bite
I shook my head
and he took another

Well, he said, swallowing, that depends
he chomped and gulped
depends on what? I asked
he nibbled around the edges

Depends on what? I asked again
he offered me the last bite
shrugged when I said no and said
it depended on when we finished this apple

He flicked the browned core into the yard
and laughed rising from the back steps
he said, so when you find the total
remember that now it’s one less

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