if i could get rich today

April 19, 2011

i’d send this all away;
i’d walk right out the door
and never look for more.

i’d grow my hair long,
my beard would be fit for song,
and all anyone would see
would be the slightest resemblance of me.

i’d turn into a bum,
and shut myself in from the sun,
only coming out at night,
to protect my eyes from the light.

and no one would give me a thought,
i’d let me reputation rot,
glad to have finally disappeared,
glad to have finally repaired.

3 Responses to “if i could get rich today”

  1. beighartman Says:

    Will there be photographic evidence? Or does the whole disappearing thing sort of negate that possibility?

  2. Julio Chapluzki Says:

    a beard fit for song does seem like a sad thing to not display…

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