its vacation as

January 28, 2009

i forgo my normal hobbies of writing incessantly
living the life i imagine will probably make me
more humble than my prayers had intended
then i pound my feet into pedals basked in
glorious sunshine i forgot existed anywhere in this
barren polluted populated overrun populous
where i find my home, my love, my passion, my people
and when the sun hits the back of my neck this time
its as if to say ‘you belong here’ and the thoughts
of not going home creep into the back of my head
nagging at the horror of the 3 year program in which
i’ve just enrolled in the city of eternal gloom
finally realizing my retreat to writing and basking
in internet lame fame is due to a lack of the glorious
heavenly host as though through iV dripping me
vitamin D throughout my day hoping life isn’t
quite as meaningless as this city i love and these
people i love and this language i cant get enough of
but knowing where sunshine is, i might just as easily
fall in love with these tanned and leatherly [sic] people

today i wont gasp for air; for everything within me
knows its only a matter of time before these mountains are
not my vacation
but home

2 Responses to “its vacation as”

  1. David X. Hugo Says:

    This is practically a sequel to my last poem.

  2. Roger Mugs Says:

    i was impressed when i read yours how much they were similar…
    teach me to not keep up with my reading of the sieve while on vacation

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