Lazy Sunday Mornings

August 31, 2008

A tenuous magic
exists this morning,
as we lay in bed
daring not to speak,
move, or even hardly breathe,
lest the spell be dispelled
at the slightest stirring.

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3 Responses to “Lazy Sunday Mornings”

  1. thegatsby Says:

    hello. i too write poetry, and i wanted to compliment you for describing what could’ve easily turned into a cliche sceneario, but you managed to keep it short and honest (to the point where i could visualize it and kind of felt intrusive)

    so bravo! wonderful piece.

  2. Julio Chapluzki Says:

    Thank you. Intrusive spying isn’t all bad is it.

  3. Tucker Collins Says:

    that is a very true poem Julio

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