full or fullest=False

May 25, 2008

I need another version of the “live life to the fullest” phrase ,
I need it now, a quick word injection thundering through my vein
and spiraling me away from right now where full isn’t what is cracked up to be,
and fullest is a sharply pricking thorn.

6 Responses to “full or fullest=False”

  1. Roger Mugs Says:

    how about live life to the left? or right? or topmost uddermost?

    how about….
    live life dummy.

  2. rcribay Says:

    die death to the emptiest.

  3. Roger Mugs Says:

    fart gas to the flatulence

  4. freakynewchild Says:

    So you know i totally reject your suggestions. Mr Mugs, I forgive you only because you bruise like a fruit, as for Mr Rcribay your infamy will not be forgotten, there will be a reckoning…

  5. Roger Mugs Says:

    Freaky- check
    new- check
    Child- hmmmmmm….

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